espaStories: Milestones

A large-scale project is like a journey: Milestones indicate intermediate achievements. We can critically and often proudly consider what has been achieved, and can look forward to upcoming challenges.

For, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew:

“Being successful requires two things: Clear goals and a burning desire to achieve them.”

My computer & me

espaStories: My computer & me

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to throw the good piece against the wall when it once again just does not do what it is supposed to.

But brute force cannot be the solution for as a wise computer scientist once said:
“A computer will do what you tell it to do, but that may be much different from what you had in mind.”


espaStories: Merienda

When we meet our Spanish colleagues during the mid-afternoon coffee break, they often greet us with a cheerful ”Merienda!” We have of course inquired and done some research: What tea time is to the Englishmen and the afternoon break to the Germans, merienda is to the Spaniards.

¡Que aproveche!

Orderly chaos

espaStories: Orderly chaos

Like computer mouse and chair, office desks are also a very personal matter.

In fact, if you take a look at the desks of your dear colleagues, it becomes clear that everyone has their own sense of organization (or chaos).


Financial reports: Science, and also art

espaStories: Financial reports: Science, and also art

Financial statements are prepared in financial jargon, a special language that is a closed book to most of us.

Insiders, however, go into raptures when looking at a business from the figures’ point of view.

And so do our professional translators who treat financial statements like artworks.

We invite you to try out the work performed by our financial translators!

The bloody result

espaStories: The bloody result

Drum roll please…

The correct answer to last week’s espaStory is: 6!

Well, were you on the right track?