espaTrans translation agency


We would like to assist you with your global interactions and offer you professional translations in a multitude of languages.

We are your competent partner for foreign language solutions.

Our team of currently six members takes personal care of your translation requests, from the first contact by phone or email to the fully formatted file and beyond.

We are supported by more than 150 translators with many years of experience in the business of translation and within their own areas of specialisation. All of our translators translate into their mother tongue and are well versed in the nuances of their target language.

Our network of translators from the most varied specialisms enables us to offer customised solutions for your various translation projects.

We process texts and drawings in all common digital formats from MS Office Suite via Adobe products to exports from Content Management Systems. If a document is not available in digital format, we can also do the text entry for you.

espaTrans represents top professionalism, absolute adherence to deadlines, clear pricing and flexible action.

We look forward to assisting you in the implementation of your translation projects and are happy to provide you with a non-binding quotation.



  • Technical documentation
  • Manuals
  • Financial reports
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Contracts and patents
  • Promotional materials / texts
  • Customer magazines
  • ...


Translations of official documents, such as certificates, degrees, identification documents or deeds, normally need to be certified. The use of sworn specialist translators authorised by the relevant courts ensures that the original documents are translated accurately.


We adhere to your layout requests and arrange your translated documents in accordance with your specifications.

Editing and proof-reading

Have your translations which were produced in-house checked by our specialist translators.


Do you require multilingual support for lectures, discussions, negotiations, conferences? We will advise you in the choice of suitable technology for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation) and will find the right interpreter for you. To keep travel costs to a minimum, we will select interpreters from within the region of the event location.


Adaptation of software programs / user interfaces etc. to the linguistic, cultural and other requirements of a specific target environment.

TM systems

The use of translation tools (CAT) permits the creation of company-specific terminology databases (translation memories). Not only does this guarantee linguistic consistency for subsequent orders, but also more cost-effective updates to existing documentation, which can be re-used at any time after integrating the respective changes.

Terminology management

Terminology databases are used for the systematic management of specialist terminology and abbreviations. The use of such a database guarantees a consistent and more productive translation of specialist terms into various target languages and prevents contradictory content within large projects. New database entries are always made in consultation with the client. This ensures that the translation of key terms always matches your corporate standards.


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