On balance

espaStories: On balance

We know that it is not very romantic, but we also have to talk about annual reports.

The year is not just coming to an end for each and every one of us – for many companies, the financial year will also end. Lots of financial statements are being drawn up and calculations are being made.

Something that will pay off in any case: Ordering translations of your annual reports from espaTrans!

Life without a pug

espaStories: Life without a pug

“Life without a pug is possible, but pointless.” (Loriot, German comedian).

“Daily work without an office dog could be an option, but does not have to be.” (espaTrans)


espaStories: Breaks

(Page) breaks, breakups, breakthroughs, breakpoints, breakdowns …

When translating, one is faced with different types of breaks. To make sure you only need to deal with the positive breaks, we are happy to assist you with your challenging translation projects.

Switch on the power

espaStories: Switch on the power

Are you thinking about “Star Wars” or something similar? Far from it!

It is actually an example of machine translation gone wrong. The sentence “Switch on the power” was translated into German, where “power” can have several meanings. Instead of turning on the electrical power, the translation thus ended up demanding the reader to use the force.

In this duel of man vs. artificial intelligence, AI certainly does not win the point.

With this in mind: May the force of translation (and the translator) always be with you!